how to gain weight Some Proven Way


how to Gain weightAlthough being very fat is also a problem, but some people are very thin, this post is for them only. Let us know how to gain weight and some easy gain weight in a healthy way.

As we know, being overweight is not good either. Nowadays people are very worried about their obesity and what they do not do to reduce their weight. And while some people are very thin, it is not right to be too thin. If you are very thin and you want to increase your weight then this post is absolutely for you. Here we will tell you how to increase your weight, in which we will talk about easy ways to become fat, with the help of which you can also become fat.

Being too thin also becomes the cause of many problems. There are many people who are very upset because of their underweight and because of their physical appearance and start considering themselves less than other people. Not only this, due to the loss of weight, many times people lack confidence. Skinny people are hesitant to speak their words and are not able to speak their words properly.

Due to which many times people also start making fun of him. Due to which they have a bad effect and they start thinking about how to increase their weight and what are the easy ways to become fat and what we should do so that we become fat. But now you do not need to panic, by adopting the methods given in this post, you too can easily increase your weight. And yes, if you or someone you know are obese and want to lose weight, then you can also read our post on how to reduce obesity.

how to gain weight & easy ways to gain weight 

While obesity remains a problem all over the world, on the other hand, leanness is also a problem for many people. Whenever thin people see any fit or slightly fat people, they think that what we should eat or do, so that our leanness goes away and our health also becomes good.

There are many such lean people whose body structure is such that their body shows less flesh and more bone structure, which does not look good at all. Due to which they often feel embarrassed. Due to this they get worried about their low weight and they start looking for ways how to gain weight and easy ways to get fat which will help them to gain weight. So stay tuned with our post, we will tell you about some easy ways to get fat.

Side-effects of being thin or underweight

Before we talk about the ways to get fat, let us first know what are the side effects of being underweight. Physical and mental problems have to be faced due to thinness or low weight. Not only this, due to low weight, your work also has a lot of effects, which is not right for any person. There are many side-effects or side-effects of being thin or underweight, some of which are the main side-effects or side effects due to which people are often worried.

anxiety and stress

Due to being underweight, sometimes people feel low and stress starts arising. Thin people always start considering themselves less than others, due to which they start feeling inferior. Less weight remains an embarrassment for them, due to which they shy away from going in front of anyone or anywhere. Which becomes the cause of stress, stress also increases the chances of getting many diseases, which is not good for anyone’s health.

job problem

Being underweight is not good. This causes many problems. For example, if you are going for a job where there is a need for physical labor, then you may have difficulty in getting a job there because, in such jobs, physical strength or good health is given keeping in mind.

bad personality

Who does not want a good personality? Everyone wants that their personality should be such that no one just keeps looking. But if you are underweight or you are very thin, then it can spoil your personality. Many times it happens that you like cloth but due to your thin body, that cloth does not fit properly on you.

That’s why you can’t even wear clothes of your choice. Whatever expensive clothes you wear, it does not look good on you, anyway, no one likes to wear loose fitting clothes. Many times people jokingly ask whether you have worn someone else’s clothes after seeing loose-fitting clothes.

lack of confidence

It is very important to have confidence in any person. Confidence is such a thing that any person can speak his words to anyone without hesitation. If you are thin over there, then it may be that you have trouble speaking your words or no one will listen to you.

hopeless thinking

If you are very thin, then unintentionally, hopeless thinking starts developing inside you which is not good for your personal life at all. Not only this, due to depressing thinking, you may also have to face many problems mentally.

being underweight or thin

Like obesity, being underweight is also such a problem. From which no one can easily get rid of. But if you know about the reasons for being underweight or lean, then you can easily get rid of your leanness or underweight. Well, there are many reasons for being underweight or lean. But we are going to tell you some of the main reasons for underweight or thinness which are as follows.

lack of balanced diet

The reason for your weight loss may be due to a lack of a balanced diet, as having a balanced diet is very important for a good health. You eat food but it lacks protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, etc., due to which you become a victim of leanness or underweight.

lack of interest in eating or loss of appetite

Lack of interest in food or loss of appetite can be the reason for your low weight or leanness, because food is very important for all of us. If someone does not eat properly, then along with being lean, his health also gets affected. Many times it has been seen that some people do not have any special interest in eating or rather they do not feel hungry, due to which it is natural for them to be underweight or lean.

stress and insomnia

If you have any kind of mental stress or problem, then you can also be underweight or you can be lean because more mental stress is not good for anyone. Due to stress, there is restlessness in the mind, due to which one does not sleep properly at night. This is the reason why your weight starts decreasing gradually.

genetic causes or hormonal imbalance

Genetic reasons or hormonal imbalance can also be a reason for being underweight. There are some people in whose family there are thin people, such as if the parents are a little thin, then their children also become thin. Not only this, due to the imbalance of hormones, weight loss also starts.

lack of digestion

The proper functioning of the digestive system is very important for good health because whatever food we eat, it is our digestive system that does the work of transporting it to the body in the right way, and whatever we eat, the body is fed properly. Seems like. In such a situation, if there is a constant lack of digestion in you, then you can become a victim of leanness.

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How to know if you are underweight or underweight?

If you want to increase your weight, then first of all you have to see whether your weight is right or not, or if you are lean or normal, then you can use Body Mass Index (BMI) for this. In this method, weight is calculated by the ratio of age and height, which shows that you are thin.


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